The Celebration Army is taking back the night and breathing new life into the roots of the most inspiring genre of our generation. ”


The Celebration Army

The Celebration Army are a four-piece, Toronto-based band made up of Oliver Pigott on vocals, Nelson Sobral on guitar, Leandro Motta on bass, and Troy Larabie on drums. This is the place where I normally tell you what genre of music a band plays. 

Simply, The Celebration Army is a rock band. But this band is anything but simple. You’ll hear notes of R&B, with dirty funk thrown in for good measure, classic rock blended with modern notes. They’re super-talented musicians playing with a giant of a frontman.

The Celebration Army grooves in a way that justifies excessive sweating, oddly moist lips, and ugly grimaces of musical hypnosis. Better yet, they give reviewers a chance to write things that would normally be too vague for publication: Troy Larabie lays it down with insanely tight drum work that is also delicious and crispy; Leandro Motta's bass playing is a massive, slippery eel of funk that somehow sounds right at home in a band that is not really a funk band. But it's always better to be specific: Oliver Pigott's powerful and technically stunning voice comes as a great sonic relief in a rock epoch typified by indie singers whose style is best described as vocal ennui; Nelson Sobral's guitar work is a masterclass not only in playing with artful restraint, but also in tone craft,he is never pretentious but pulls out every sweet, warm overdrive tone that has ever existed.

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